Sağlık Durumu İle İlgili Deyimler

Aşağıdaki parçada yer alan koyu harflerle yazılmış ingilizce deyimleri ve anlamlarını inceleyelim.

Mark had been feeling under the weather for weeks. One day he came into work looking like death warmed up and so we told him to go away for a few days to recharge his batteries. After one day beside the sea, he no longer felt off-colour and by the second day he knew he was on the road to recovery. He sent us a postcard and we were all glad to learn that he was on the mend. By the end of the week, he returned to work as fit as a fiddle. And he’s been as right as rain ever since.

  • under the weather: keyifsiz, hasta, kafası dumanlı
  • looking like death warmed up: çok hasta görünüyor
  • recharge his batteries: dinlenmek, rahatlamak
  • felt off-colour: keyifsiz, hasta hissetmek
  • on the road to recovery: düzelmek, iyileşmek
  • on the mend: iyileşmekte, düzeliyor
  • as fit as a fiddle: turp gibi, sağlığı yerinde

Deliler İçin Kullanılan Deyimler

He’s not all there.
not all there: kaçık, deli

She’s off her trolley.
off one's trolley: kaçık

He’s got a screw loose.
a screw loose: biraz kaçık

She’s a basket case.
a basket case: çok kızgın bir kişi

He’s off his rocker.
off his rocker: çılgın

He’s as nutty as a fruitcake.
as nutty as a fruitcake: tamamen delirmiş

Ölümle İlgili Gayri Resmi Deyimler

She’s popped her clogs.
pop one's clogs: ölmek

She’s given up the ghost.
give up the ghost: ölmek

She’s kicked the bucket.
kick the bucket: nalları dikmek, ölmek

He’s bitten the dust.
bite the dust: ölmek, düşüp ölmek

He’s fallen off his perch.
Fall off his perch: ölmek

Tıb Dilinin Kullanıldığı Bazı Deyimler

a sore point/spot: hassas nokta

Örnek: Try not to mention baldness while he’s here – it’s a sore spot for him.

give someone a taste/dose of their own medicine: anladığı dilden muamele etmek

Örnek: Refusing to lend him money now would give him a taste of his own medicine – he’s never lent you any.

a bitter pill to swallow: yenilir yutulur olmayan

Örnek: Losing my job was initially a bitter pill to swallow.

sugar the pill: kötü birşeyi tatlılıkla yutturmak

Örnek: The boss has sugared the overtime pill by offering a large extra payment.

have itchy feet: seyahat etmek için çok istekli olmak

Örnek: I can’t stay in one place for more than a year without getting itchy feet.

Aşağıda aynı anlama gelen deyimleri inceleyelim:

Bu iki deyim, kendini iyi hissetmemek anlamına gelmektedir.

feel off-colour
feel under the weather

Bu iki deyim, bir hastalıktan sonra, kendini daha iyi hissetmek anlamına gelmektedir.

be on the road to recovery
be on the mend

Bu dört deyim, deli, çılgın anlamına gelmektedir.

be as nutty as a fruitcake
be not all there
be off your trolley
be a basket case

Bu dört deyim ise, ölmek anlamına gelmektedir.

give up the ghost
bite the dust
pop your clogs
fall off your perch

Aşağıdaki cümlelerde yer alan deyimlere göz atalım:

Don’t mention the merger to him – it’s a bit of a sore spot him. (Ona şirket birleşmesinde bahsetme. Bu konu onu biraz sinirlendiriyor.)

Telling Joe what you feel may be a bitter pill for him to swallow, but you owe it to him nevertheless.

Watching travel programmes on TV always gives me itchy feet.

I wonder what’s happened to Stan – he looks like death warmed up!

Plans to put increased funds into education are supposed to sugar the pill of increased taxation.

Imagine someone as unfit as Ruth going on holiday in the Himalayas. She must have a screw loose.

A good game of golf at the weekend always helps to recharge my father’s batteries.

Tom was quite ill for a while last year, but he’s as fit as a fiddle now.

I was exhausted when I got home from work, but, after a nice cup ot tea, I’m as right as rain.

Helen won’t understand the problem – she’s one sandwich short of a picnic.

Aşağıdaki cümlelerde yer alan deyimleri ve bu cümlelere karşılık olan cümleleri inceleyin.

I’ve got itchy feet. – Where would you like to go?
He’s as right as rain now. – That is a relief!
He’s not right in the head. – I know, Jane told me he was off his rocker.
I’m going to tell him what I think of him. – Good. Give him a dose of his own medicine.
Dad’s a bit off-colour today. – Oh dear, I hope he’s OK tomorrow.
Failing the exam was a bitter pill to swallow. – Yes, but she’ll get over.