Mutluluk ve Üzüntü İle İlgili Deyimler

Bu yazımızda mutluluk ve üzüntü ifade eden ingilizce deyimleri ve anlamlarını göreceğiz.

Aşırı derecede mutluluk anlamına gelen ve gayri resmi dilde kullanılan deyimler:

I’m thrilled to bits.

thrilled to bits: çok mutlu olmak, birşeyler hakkında çok heyecanlanmak

I’m on cloud nine.

on cloud nine: son derece mutlu, çok mutlu

I am/feel on top of the world.

on top of the world: çok mutlu, sevinçli

I’m over the moon.

over the moon: çok sevinçli

I’m in seventh heaven: mutluluktan uçmak

Aşağıda diğer mutluluk ifade eden deyimleri inceleyelim:

get a (real) kick out of something

Anlamı: Bir şeyi yapmaktan çok zevk almak.

Örnek: I get a (real) kick out of going for a run first thing in the morning before anyone else is up.

do something for kicks

Anlamı: çoğu zaman tehlikeli birşeyleri sadece çok heyecan verdiği için yapmak

Örnek: Sandra is keen to have a got at bungee-jumping – just for kicks.

jump for joy:

Anlamı: olmuş birşeyden çok zevk almak, sevinçten zıplamak , uçmak

Örnek: Rowena jumped for joy when she heard that she’d won first prize.

be floating/walking on air

Anlamı: ayakları yere değmemek, sevinçten havalara uçmak, etekleri zil çalmak

Örnek: I’ve been walking on air ever Chris and I started going out together.

something makes your day

Anlamı: Birşeyin seni mutlu yapması

Örnek: It’s great to hear from you. It’s really made my day.

Üzüntülü, Mutsuz Durumlarla İlgili Deyimler

Aşağıdaki metini inceleyelim. Bu metinde yer alan deyimleri koyu harflerle belirttik. Aşağıda da bu ingilizce deyimlerin anlamlarını açıklamaya çalıştık:

Dear Louise,
Hope all goes well with you. Unfortunately, everyone here is out of sorts. Will is down in the dumps because he doesn't like his teacher this year. I've told him that it's not the end of the world and that he’d better just grin and bear it, but I think he likes being a misery guts and so he complains about her every night. Pat is also suffering from sour grapes because I got the role in the school play that she wanted. This puts a damper on every meal, so I'm really looking forward to staying with you at the weekend.

out of sorts: keyifsiz, neşesiz, huysuz
down in the dumps: asık surat ile, mutsuz
it's not the end of the world: ne olduysa ciddi bir soruna yol açmayacak
just grin and bear it: dişini sıkmak, katlanmak, sabırla katlanmak
a misery guts: sürekli şikayet eden, mutlu olamayan
sour grapes: ulasilamayan seye pis deme
puts a damper on: yıldırmak, hevesini kırmak, cesaretini kırmak

Aşağıda yer alan deyimlerin düzeltelim:

The child was thrilled for bits to have her photo in the paper. (thrilled to bits)
I felt as if I was floating in air as I ran down the hill into his arms. (floating on air)
Why does Marti look so out of sort today? (out of sorts)
Don't make such a fuss. It’s not the finish of the world! (not the end of the world)
Your telephone call has really done my day! (done my day)
Jill said she was on cloud seven and Jack agreed that he was in ninth heaven. (on cloud nine)
Why does Mark always have to be such a miserable guts? (a misery guts)
Stereotypically, happy footballers say that they are over the sun. (over the moon)

Aşağıdaki sorulara cevap verelim.

  • Would a piece of good news or a piece of bad news be more likely to make your day?
    (Good news – if something makes your day, it makes you feel happy.)
  • If you got top marks in an exam, would you feel down in the dumps?
    (No – down in the dumps means miserable)
  • Are people more likely to get a kick out of hot-air ballooning or cleaning their boots?
    (Hot-air ballooning – boot cleaning is not something that many people find exciting.)
  • Do you have to grin and bear it when you are happy or unhappy about something that has happened?
    (Unhappy – when you grin and bear it, you try to make the best of a situation that you are not happy with.)
  • If you are at someone's birthday party, what would be more likely to put a damper on the event - news of the illness of a close friend or a heavy shower of rain?
    (News of the illness of a close friend. A heavy shower of rain might make you damp, but it wouldn’t put a damper on the event.)
  • Do people usually enjoy or not enjoy being in the company of a misery guts?
    (No one enjoys the company of a misery guts – being with a miserable person can make you feel miserable too.)
  • You have a beautiful new sports car that a colleague is rather envious of. What is your colleague more likely to say out of sour grapes?
    'I love its green colour!’ or ‘Of course, that model is very unreliable!’
    (‘Of course, that model is very unreliable!’ is the sort of unpleasant remark that someone might make out of sour grapes.)
  • A damper is literally a thing put on piano strings to make the sound less loud. How does knowing this help you to understand the idiom using the word damper?
    (Just as a damper makes a piano quieter, so something that puts a damper on an event quietens it down, makes it less fun.)
  • Do you notice anything that a number of the images in the happiness idioms have in common?
    (Quite a lot of the images are based on the concept of happiness making you feel as if you are not on the ground but up in the air.)