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Middle aged woman looked at the watch. She thought that there is time to flying. She was bored because of waiting at the airport. She went to snack bar to buy something to have a snack. She bought a box of cookie. She put the box her bag habitually. Then she walked and sat a seat which is in the background. She is going to read her detective novel and have a snack from cookies. She opened her book. She started to read where she stay. She was in trance after a few minutes. She noticed that someone sat her side. She didn't care. Noone can interrupt her peace. While she was reading her detective novel, she had a snack from the box which stands between she and the man who sat her side. Then she was so surprised. The man who sat her side did the same thing. He had a snack from the same box. " Dear me!" she thought. "What a daringness.He didn't think that it is necessary to ask permission." She was angry but she was curious about how it is going to end. She just wondered how long he is going to maintain that thing. When she took a cookie from the box, he took too. This situation maintained until the last cookie. " What is he going to do now? " she thought. " Probably he is senseful to give me the last cookie. " She started to watch the man carefully. The man who had a angry smile on his face took the last cookie and divide into two pieces carefully. He took half of cookie his mouth and gave the other half the woman. " Oh my God!" " He is so barefaced. He took my all cookies like he has them. Moreover, he didn't thank to me." She thought. She took half of cookie her mouth. She didn't remember that she was so angry. She decided to say something to him but announcement was heard. Plane was ready to fly. She got ready. She put novel her bag. She looked the man who she called "thief of cookies". Then she got on the plane. She was remembering what happened. She was smiling and also she was angry. She sat her seat. She took her bag to take her novel but she took a box instead novel. "Oh God." " What is this box ? "She looked the box and she was so surprised. The box which she bought from snack bar was standing in her bag. She shouted; "What have I done?" Passengers turned and looked her. She was so embarrassed. " These cookies are mine and the other cookies which I ate are his." He was so kind because he shared all cookies with me. However, I have thought many things about him. I was the real rude and daring." She was in despair and she said " I was the real thief of cookies."


Snack bar: Büfe

Senseful: Mantıklı

Have a snack: atıştırmak

Divide: Bölmek, ayırmak

Habitually: Alışkanlıkla

Barefaced: Yüzsüz

Interrupt: Bölmek, araya girmek

Announcement: Anons

Dear me: Olur şey değil

Embarrassed: Utanmış

Daringness: Cüretkarlık, pervasızlık

Despair: Çaresizlik

Ask permission: İzin istemek

Curious: Meraklı

Maintain: Sürdürmek