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The Kindergarten

Jennifer Chan is five years old. Her mother takes her to kindergarten every morning. She has fun with the other children. Her teacher is very nice. Jennifer likes her teacher very much. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Black.

Mrs. Black teaches the students about the letters and sounds of English. Sometimes Jennifer does worksheets for homework. On the B worksheet for example, she circled all the words that started with B. She circled the box, the bag, the banana, the bird, and the bed. She didn't circle the duck, the dog, or the cat.

Jennifer likes to show her mother her work. Jennifer's mother doesn't know English well. She told Jennifer to show her the worksheets. Then her mother can learn too, and Jennifer feels happy. Mrs. Black teaches the children songs too. Sometimes Jennifer sings the songs for her parents. Her mother always asks her about school.

One day Mrs. Chan got a letter from the school. It was from her daughter's teacher. Mrs. Chan was very nervous. She didn't know why her daughter's teacher wanted to talk to her. She asked her friend for some advice. Her friend told her not to worry. Her friend said the teachers always make an appointment with every child's parents every semester. It's called a "parent/teacher conference" and it's a good time for parents to ask questions too. She said the teachers want parents to be interested in their children's schoolwork.

Mrs. Chan was nervous because she was afraid the teacher might talk too fast. She was afraid she might not understand. On the day of the conference, Mrs. Chan went to school for the appointment. Mrs. Black was very nice and spoke slowly. She told Mrs. Chan that her daughter was very smart. She told her that her daughter was very helpful too. She said Mrs. Chan should feel proud.

Mrs. Chan went home and told her daughter about the conference. Her daughter was happy too.