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Countable and uncountable Nouns

Ingilizcede isimler sayilabilir ve sayilamaz olarak ikiye bolunur. Ancak bazi durumlarda isimler, hem sayilabilir hem de sayilamayan olarak cumle icinde karsimiza cikarlar.Ilerleyen bolumlerde orneklerle gorebiliriz.

Sayilabilen isimler kolaylikla farkedilebilir. Ornegin "chair" sayilabilir. Dolayisiyla sayilabilen isimler tekil yada cogul olabilir.

A chair yada one chair, two chairs, three chairs...

Sayilabilen isimler tekilse indefinite article( a/an) kullanilabilir, cogul ise indefinite article( a/an) kullanilmaz.


I have a dog. I want an orange, please.

My dogs are trained. I like oranges more than apples.

Ayrica sayilamayan isimlerle de indefinite article( a/an) kullanilmaz.


Information indefinite article( a/an) kullanilmaz. Dolayisiyla bu "information" kelimesi cumlenin yapisina fore some yada any ile cumle icinde kullanilir.

Can I have some information on boat trips?

I haven't got any information about how to fill out this form.

"Some", "any", "much", "many", "a lot of", "a little", "a few" sayilabilen ve/veya sayilamayan isimlerde miktar belirtmek icin kullanilirlar. Cumlenin yapisina ve ismin tekil yada cogul olusuna uygun olarak kullanilirlar.

Some and any

"Some" ve "any" sayilabilir isimlerle kullanilanilir. Cumlenin yapisina (soru, olumlu ve olumsuz cumle) uygun sekilde kullanilirlar. "Any" daha cok soru ve olumsuz cumlelerde kullanilir.


I have some good news for you.

I haven't got any money on me.

Do you have any pets?

Do you have some money with you?

Much, Many, A lot of

  • "Much" sayilamayan, "-s" ekiyle cogul yapilamayan isimlerle, "Many" sayilabilen cogul isimlerle icin kullanilir.


I haven't got many shoes.

Does he have many friends in the class?

She has many pens to share.

She has much milk that's enough for everyone.

I haven't got much food for all of us.

Do you spend much time playing tennis?

  • "A lot of" hem sayilabilen hem de sayilamayan isimlerle kullanilabilir. Dolayisiyla cumle icinde "much" ve "many" yerine kullanilabilir.


There were a lot of students absent last week.

I haven't got a lot of money.

The teacher gave away a lot of book for students.

A lot of people suffer from dementia.

There aren't a lot of mountains in this part of the country.

Do you get a lot of tourists visiting the temple every year?

A little, a few

A little ve a few biraz anlamina gelir. Tekil isimlerle a little, cogul isimlerle a few kullanilir. Cumle icindeki kullanimlari cumlenin yapisina(soru, olumlu ve olumsuz) gore degismez.


We have a little money to buy a house.

They have a few elderly neighbours.

Does she have a little knowledge about the area?

The teacher knows a few English poems.

Could you get me a few apples from the basket?

-Hem Sayilabilen ve Hem Sayilamayan Isimler-

Ilk bolumde de belirttigimiz gibi, bazi isimler hem sayilabilen hemde sayilamayan isimler olarak karsimiza cikabilir. Dolayisiyla cumle icindeki tekil yada cogul kullanimlarina uygun olarak "much" veya "many" ile kullanilabilirler.

Bu isimlere ornek olarak; hair, light, noise, room ve paper verilebilir.


Countable: Uncountable:

There are two hairs in my milkshake. I don't have much hair.

We have 3 rooms in our house. Is there a room for me, too?

There are so many noises in the city. It is hard to concentrate when there is so much noise.