İngilizce öğrenmek için tüm gerekenler burada...

İngilizcede Negatif Cümle Kurma, Negatif Cümle Yapısı


İngilizce de negatif cümle yapmak için, yardımcı fiilden hemen sonra not gitirilir.

Yardımcı fiiller: be(am/is/are), have/has/had, will, would, can, could, shall, should, may, might, must.

It is not raining.I have not seen Bill.She cannot understand me.

Konuşma dilinde genellikle kısaltmaları kullanırız:

aren't, isn't wasn't weren't haven't hasn't hadn't won't=will not, wouldn't can't couldn't shan't shouldn't mustn't

Şu tarz kullanım da söz konusudur:

    I'm not, He's not, she's not v.s.

Aşağıdaki örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:

  • Dogs can swim. Dogs can't fly.
  • Milk is white. Milk isn't red.
  • The children are at school. The children aren't at home.
  • Joe has been to Japan. Joe hasn't been Japan.
  • You must give this letter to Ann. You mustn't give this letter to her mother.
  • I'm Scottish. I'm not English.

Aşağıdaki olumsuz örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:

  • I can't speak German.
  • I can't dance.
  • I can't play chess.
  • I can't ride a horse.
  • I can't understand maths.

Eğer olumlu cümlede yardımcı fiil söz konusu değilse, cümle geniş zaman ya da geçmiş zamanla kurulmuş olabilir. O zaman da olumsuz cümle kurmak için, do/does/did yardımcı fiillerinden sonra not getiririz.

Aşağıdaki örnek cüleleri inceleyelim:

  • Cats eat meat. Cats don't eat potatoes.
  • Cervantes wrote Don Quixote. Mozart didn't write Don Quixote.
  • Shakespeare lived in London. Shakespeare didn't live in New York.
  • Dics tell you about words. Phone books don't tell about words.
  • Most Algerians speak Arabic. Most Algerians don't speak Russian.
  • John knows my parents. John doesn't know my sister.
  • Fridges keep food cold. Cookers don't keep food cold.

Aşağıdaki negatif cümleleri inceleyelim.

  • What is the time. I don't know.
  • What was the film like? It wasn't very good.
  • I haven't seen Joe for weeks. Is he OK?
  • Can I see you tomorrow? I won't be here. How about Tuesday?
  • She couldn't buy the coat. It was too expensive.