Pasif Cümlelerde by Kullanımı

Pasif cümlelerde genellikle eylemin oluşuyla ilgilenilir. Örneğin:

    The missing child has been found.
    German is spoken in Austria.

Eğer eylemi yapanın kim olduğundan söz edeceksek, by kullanırız:

    The missing child was found by a French family.
    Urdu is spoken by a lot of people in London.
    Thousands of fish were killed by the chemicals.

Aşağıdaki örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:

  • The name of the new school is being decided by a committee of parents and governers.
  • Most of the cost of universisty education is paid by the government.
  • I'm being taught how to use a computer by granddaughter.
  • The window was broken by a tree that fell over in the storm.

Pasif soru cümlelerinde ise şu yapıyı tercih ederiz:

    Who... by?
  • I really like the statue in the square. Who was it made by?
  • Who were you invited by?

Aşağıdaki cümlelerde Who soru yapısını inceleyelim:

  • Look at this beautiful photo.(take)
  • Dune is my favorite science fiction book. (write) Who was it written by?
  • Do you remember that song Over the Rainbow? (sing) Who was it sung by?
  • That is a wonderful picture. (paint) Who was it painted by?
  • Casablanca is the greatest film of all time. (direct) Who was it directed by?
  • Our village school is a beautiful building. (build) Who was it built by?
  • I really like the name of the new school. (choose) Who was it chosen by?