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Geçmiş Zaman İle Pasif Cümleler Oluşturma - Simple Past Passive

+I was wokenyou were wokenhe/she/it was woken
?was I woken?were you woken?was he/she/it woken?
-I was not not woken?You were wokenhe/she/it was not woken

Yukarıdaki tabloda görüldüğü gibi, pasif cümlelerde "be + fiilin 3. hali ya da -ed eki almış hali" kullanılır kuralı geçmiş zaman için de geçerlidir. Aradaki tek fark, be fiili geçmiş zaman hali ile kullanılır, yani was,were

Geçmiş zaman pasif yapısını, bitmiş eylemler için kullanırız:

    This table was made by my grandfather.
    Was the letter signed?
    We weren't met at the door.

Aşağıdaki örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:

  • The fire was seen in Renton, a kilometre away.
  • Most of the matches were won by Indian teams.
  • These keys were found in the changing room - are they yours?
  • We couldn't find the station, but we were helped by a very kind woman.
  • I was stopped by a policeman in the Green Road this morning.
  • Yesterday a man was caught trying to burn down the Town Hall.

Pasif cümle oluştururken fiil ya -ed eki alır ya da 3. halde kullanılır. Aşağıdaki cümlelerde parantez içindeki fiillerin nasıl kullanıldıklarına bakalım:

  • Our passports were taken by a tall woman in a uniform. (take)
  • These books were left in the classroom yesterday. (leave)
  • I don't think this room cleaned yesterday. (clean)
  • We were met at the airport by a driver from the university. (meet)
  • Nobody was told what was happening. (tell)
  • He was sent away to school when he was twelve. (send)

Aşağıdaki örneklerde geçmiş zaman pasif olumsuz ve soru cümlesi örneklerini inceleyelim:

  • We weren't paid when we finish the work. (not pay)'
  • When were you paid? 'Two months later.'
  • My father wasn't educated in England. (not educate)
  • Where was your father educated? 'In Germany'
  • The letters weren't posted on Tuesday. (not post)
  • When were the letters posted? 'On Thursday.'
  • This wasn't cooked in butter. (not cook)
  • How was this cooked? 'In margarine.'
  • My suit wasn't made in England. (not make)
  • Where is your suit made? In Hong Kong.

Pasif geçmiş zamanı, birisinin doğum gününden bahsederken de kullanırız:

    I was born in 1964.
    My sister was born in Egypt.